4 Steps To Select The Perfect Ceiling Medallion

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4 Steps To Select The Perfect Ceiling Medallion

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4 Steps To Select The Perfect Ceiling Medallion

The ceiling medallion is a frequently overlooked yet vital aspect of a home’s interior design. Finding the right one might be difficult, especially with so many different styles, forms, sizes, and materials available on the market today. While browsing for ideas for a perfect ceiling medallion, PU cornice moulding, is a good aspect to be considered.   As a result, this blog article has been created! It will go over how to choose the appropriate ceiling medallion and some of our favorite designs and contact the best and most reliable ceiling medallion manufacturer for your house and give it a brand new look.

Step 1: Decide on a design for your house.

Choose a pattern that is consistent with the aesthetic of your house. Typical designs employ neoclassical features. The contemporary style is streamlined and up to date. Choose one of our classical patterns for the ceiling medallion if it will be visible from the outside of your home (for example, if it will be placed above an entry door). You can see our ceiling medallions in the following image.

Step 2: Decide on a Budget:      

Ceiling medallion price depends on size, substance (urethane or plaster), and style. Consider extra design elements and cost-effective materials for this space. If you have many ceilings, choose a cheaper choice.

French Country Medallions, for example, bring a home’s past into the present, adding sophistication and elegance. Uncannily like Versailles or Buckingham Palace.

Traditional medallions offer a tribute to the past.

4 Steps To Select The Perfect Ceiling Medallion

Step 3: Decide on Size of Medallion:

White River Ceiling medallions are 6 inches for small rooms and over 60 inches for large rooms with high ceilings.

Before choosing a height, make sure everyone in the room can sit or stand under it without feeling endangered.

How to size a medallion:

i.                    Diameter of the lamp. In larger rooms, the medallion’s diameter should be smaller than the light fixtures.

ii.                  Choose from traditional and modern styles.

iii.                When choosing size and style, consider the room and lighting fixture. 12-60″

Step 4: Boost the Rental Worth of Your House:

From a return on investment standpoint ceiling medallions is an excellent choice. White River offers a wide selection of medallions in plaster and urethane in various sizes and designs and a complete line of complementary traditional and decorative moldings. Our medallions and moldings are durable and ready for painting and are available in the most popular sizes.

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