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Top PU Ceiling Medallion Manufacturer in China

Scomera Mechanical Equipment has been among the best PU decorative cornice manufacturers in China. We have a group of responsible and young staff, having a spirit of positivity, optimism, and consistent attitude.

What is PU Cornice Moulding

PU cornice moulding also known as fiber cornice is crown moulding. Decorative cornice manufacturers make from open-cell or closed-cell polyurethane foam. It comes in different sizes and moldings. Polyurethane decorative cornice has outstanding benefits compared to the cornices made of gypsum molded.

Why Us

Brilliant for Exterior Trim

Ideal for exterior applications on entryways, porches, embellished trim, or urethane brackets that will not crack or rot. They are impervious to insect malfunctions as well. All these features make our PU cornice moulding unique.

Ideal for Painting

If you are painting them, pick urethane over conventional materials for an easy and smooth paint surface that offers a flawless finish.

Porches and Porticos

Get a grand entrance feature with our PU cornice moulding while easily updating curb appeal with decorative brackets to get a portico that perfectly matches your style.

Upgrade Your DIY with Decorative Cornice Manufacturers

As a ceiling medallion manufacturer, we add style and character to wall desks, DIY consoles, entry tables, and more with hollow corbels, lightweight, and brackets that cover support braces.

Advantages of PU Decorative Cornice

  • Lasts longer than wood, MDF, or gypsum-based moldings.
  • Designed for exterior and interior use.
  • Ready and pre-primed for paint.
  • Easy to install and unable to crumble, crack, or warp.

Low cost:

As a ceiling medallion manufacturer, we offer a cornice that offers a short installation time, It can be sawed, nailed, planned, and glued. 80% of the cost is saved than using concrete or wood.


Reach the standard of no combustion.


No water permeation, moisture absorption, and mildew arose.


To be among the top decorative cornice manufacturers, we offer the quality of acid resistance and alkali in our cornices.

Light weight:

Tenacity and good resilience, light and hard

Styles and Colorful:

Different Types and colors are available.

Environmental protection:

A consumer can use it as raw material to avoid lumbering.

What Your Customers Will Get

  • As a ceiling medallion manufacturer, we offer patterns of magnanimous sculpture.
  • Robust Chinese style. Use it to create an elegant and beautiful Chinese style for your home
  • Beautiful wood decorative flower board. Your consumers can use it to decorate the doors, walls, cabinets, etc.
  • Easily dye-able. You can paint it with your favorite paint color


Country: China
Model No: –
FOB Price: 3 ~ 8 / Piece Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Price for Minimum Order: 3 per Piece
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Piece
Packaging Detail: standard carton
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supplying Ability: 50000 Piece per Month
Payment Type: –
Product Group : PU Cornice Mouldings



PU Decorative Building Materials:

Using by high-tech of modern making foam (Polyurethane) and tradition relief, we produce the American and European stylish PU decorative building materials, which can be wooden like, but better than wood on the function, different colors can be met besides white. They can be used to decorate the house, salon, hotel, club, etc, after decoration the room would become more plain, natural, elegant and noble.

Entirety: classic, elegant and uniform.
Anti-erosion: resist acid and alkali.
Light weight: lightweight, good resilience and hardness.
Easy installation: surface painting is finished and can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself.
Waterproof: no moisture absorbing, water permeation, and mildew arising.

In addition, the size and design can be made according to our client’s demands.
We have quite a lot of kinds of PU decorative material, such as PU cornice moulding, PU ceiling medallion, PU roman column, PU imitation beam, PU balustrade, PU corbel and so on.